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1155.65 Acres in Glenn County


Property Description

Open irrigated cropland historically farmed to dairy forage crops including small grains,
silage corn and alfalfa. Two water sources: 6 wells and Kanawha Water District (Federal Water District); Priority I & II
KWD well monitoring indicates stable groundwater at ~20 feet
Land use is transitioning from row crop to permanent plantings.
Adjoining properties are planted to walnuts.
Other permanent plantings in the area include almonds, olives & pistachios.

Property Details

Property Directions

Parcel 1: Begins on the SW corner of Rd D & Rd 65
Parcel 2: Begins on the N side of Rd 65 and S side of Rd 62, 1 mile west of Rd D

APNs: Parcel 1: 014-170-043 (369.5 ac); 014-170-042 (281.15 ac) Parcel 2: 014-170-028 (185 ac); 014-170-039 (320 ac)



Property Location

Willows, CA 95988, USA

Contact Agent

Steve Kritscher

(530) 405-6036

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