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Sweetwater Ridge II

For Sale


Property Description

Offering of 955 acres of Farmland in Turner Island Water District

Water: All water is delivered from Turner Island Water District. The District sources surface water from San Luis Canal Company via a drainage water contract and Merced Irrigation District via a 10-year contract through 2030. When surface water is in short supply, the District utilizes their wells to supply lands within the District (wells E, O, P, and J are owned by the District and are on the parcels for sale). Data from on-site monitoring wells and more details about turnouts and existing irrigation systems will be made available during due diligence.

Soils: A mix of class 2 and class 4 soils.

Current Operations: The entire property is planted to row crops, primarily cotton, tomatoes,onions, and garlic. It is all farmed under lease by Teixeira and Sons through 2028, but may be delivered to a buyer free of all leases.

APNs: 074-030-005, 074-030-011

Property Details

Property Directions

Located in Merced County along Sand Slough Road, within the Turner Island Water District water service area. The property is located within Turner Island Water District GSA-1, located in the Merced Subbasin and a party to the Merced Subbasin GSP.



Property Location

Dos Palos, CA, USA

Contact Agent

Michael Ming

(661) 343-2367

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