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Arbios Property


Property Description

320 acres of Open Ground currently planted in traditional row crops and vegetables under lease with a local grower.

(The property is in a highly productive agricultural region with almonds, pistachios, vineyards and open farmland properties within close proximity.)

Irrigation: The ranch is in Westlands Water District in Fresno County. There are no wells on the property.

Soils: Ciervo clay, saline-sodic, Ciervo, wet-Ciervo complex, saline-sodic, Calflax clay loam, saline-sodic

Property Details

Property Directions

From the intersection of Hwy 145 (Fresno-Coalinga Rd) and S. Colusa Avenue. Go north 1 mile on S. Colusa Avenue. Turn west and go 1 mile to the southeast corner of the subject property

Located on the southwest corner of W. Paige Avenue extension and S. El Dorado Avenue extension and the northwest corner W. Jeffery and S. El Dorado Avenue between W. Paige Avenue and W. Jeffery Avenue extension.



Property Location

Westside CA, USA

Contact Agent

Nat DiBuduo

(559) 240-2277

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