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Ryer Island Farm

For Sale

Sealed Bid

Property Description

Ryer Island Farms | 2,181.39 +/- acres

The property is primarily devoted to annual irrigated cropland (tomato, hay, grain and row crops) in
Solano County

SEALED BID: All bids considered and to be submitted by 2/29/2024

Sealed Bid Information
Minimum Approved Sale Price
$12,500 per gross acre
Submit all offers by February 23, 2024
Submit all offers with a 1% of purchase price deposit that is refundable as stated below.
If bid accepted:
60 Day Due Diligence Period
Additional 2% of the purchase price deposit added to bid deposit.
Nonrefundable deposit during Due Diligence Period.
Total 3% deposit becomes nonrefundable upon close of Due Diligence Period.
15 Day Closing period

International Farming
IFC Investment Management, LLC
1318 Dale Street
Raleigh, NC 27605

Property Details

Property Directions

Contact Agent



Property Location

Ryer Island, California, USA

Contact Agent

Stephen Kritscher, AFM
Michael Ming, ARA

Stephen: 530.405.6036
Michael: 661.343.2367

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