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Westside Almonds


Property Description

Property lies within and receives water from Westland Water District plus 1 deep well (600 HP)

Property consists of 7th leaf almonds located on productive westside soils. Irrigation water is distributed via dual line drip and fanjet emitters.

Almond Production: Varieties: 50% Nonpareil & 50% Monterey
Seller to retain 2021 Almond Crop. Escrow to close after 2021 harvest

Property is located in Fresno County, CA - APN: 045-061-61S

Property Details

Property Directions

Located approximately 4 miles east of Hwy 33 (Derrick Avenue) on the south side of Davis Avenue adjacent to the California Aqueduct.



Property Location

Fresno County, CA, USA

Contact Agent

Greg Archer

(559) 269-0097

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